Half of all mental illnesses begin by the age of 14 and three-quarters by mid-20s.

Globally, depression is one of the leading causes of illness and disability among adolescents! 
Suicide is the third leading cause of death in 15-19-year-olds!
The consequences of not addressing adolescent mental health conditions extend to adulthood, impairing both physical and mental health and limiting opportunities to lead fulfilling lives as adults. 

We created an environment within which to build community capability that prevents the health, and socioeconomic impact of emotional insecurity and un-managed anxiety!


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Our Ecosystem provides a complete and self-sustaining social impact environment - comprised of 4 independent but interconnected elements.

Collaborative and research-focused. it exists to build vital capability deep inside communities across 3 continents; to transform education and youth work provision and enhance parenting impact across geographic areas.

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How we sustain the Ecosystem Our capability building communities How we measure impact How we facilitate capability building

How we sustain the Ecosystem

Find out how our Ecosystem is sustainable - see how we connect, commercially operate and scale as a social enterprise within countries... Click Here

Our capability building communities

Visit our capability building communities - see how each community of practice works, to build and nurture a vital capability... Click Here

How we measure impact

Find out about the FOUR areas of research we focus upon to measure impact within a geographic area/demography... Click Here

How we facilitate capability building

Find out how capability building is mobilised - see our dedicated institute and 5 learning zones, plus the digital and localised facilitation... Click Here

Geographically, we’re establishing vital capability within education and youth work provision, whilst facilitating mass self-development deep within countries… 

Youth Workers

Our professional development community is positioning youth worker specialists in Youth Social Emotional Development Practice.



Our professional development community is enhancing community-based education with the capability for Child Emotional Safety & Development.



We provide a self-development community, guiding individuals & families to build capability for Personal Emotional Safety & Resilience.


We’ve pioneered a unique environment and geographic social investment approach which delivers large-scale and tangible impact…

Across 3 continents we forge public and third sector alliances to establish a geographic support and social impact activity inside countries. Within these geographies, we connect multi-layered social investment to underpin scale-up of capability building over time. 

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We’ve been evolving!

As the world woke-up to causes of mental health issues, and the very real socioeconomic impact from not developing our children and young people socially and emotionally, we have continually adapted ourselves. The result, a unique and collaborative Ecosystem environment to help countries transform their status quo!

Our Story...