The SESA Community is a dedicated capability building initiative spanning 3 continents, to prevent the destructive social impact of mental illness.

SESA is a combination of THREE dedicated learning & development communities supporting Africa, Asia & Europe.

Not only are we enhancing youth development and education provision, but we’re empowering young people and adults by measurably building their self-awareness and the social emotional competencies needed for emotional resilience.
Our unique environment provides evidence-based learning & development through some of the world’s most respected experts and deploys cutting-edge resources to build capability and transform lives.
We’re enriching youth work, creating qualified specialists in ‘Youth Emotional Safety & Development’.
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We’re establishing new education capability to provide ‘Child Emotional Safety & Development’.
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We’re supporting self-development, establishing capability for ‘Personal Emotional Safety & Resilience’.
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Connecting Brands into Social Value

Created in 2014, PluggedIN is our proprietary SESA sustainability process.

We grow and support the SESA Community, by forging mutually benefiting sponsorship partnerships:
 – Angel Philanthropy partnerships which provide a deeper Return on Investment through our evidenced social impact Campaigns;
 – Sponsorship Marketing partnerships which provide brand visibility through our high-profile Campaigns inside key markets.
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Grounded in Research

We track the social impact of capability building within our communities.

Social Emotional Research provides the longitudinal assessment to track evolving adolescent & youth Emotional Resilience (which we call the Emotional Capital in Young People).
We provide unique demographical insights and metrics by Age, Gender, Nationality and Location.
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