We’re Building Capability, to Underpin Emotional Safety & Resilience 

SESA is a signature international initiative to underpin community Emotional Safety & Resilience, through FOUR capability building programmes. Within a country, these become national qualification pathways, to create the vital local resources to influence and transform Emotional Safety & Resilience.

Working Across the World

We’re global, embedded into countries across FOUR regions of the world through an enviable network of partnerships and alliances, which carry SESA programmes deep into communities to build capability and measure the socioeconomic impact. 

Philanthropic Social Impact

We support NGOs, Faith Centres and Community Leadership groups to build vital capability within their communities.

We plug-in individual and institutional philanthropists to long-term, evidence-based programmes which ultimately enhance child & adolescent emotional safety & development.

This is Angel Philanthropy, end-to-end collaboration which establishes then grass-root capability, to transform community Emotional Safety & Resilience.