We’ve Built A Unique Environment… and Community

SESA is an international learning, development & research environment purpose created to help countries to build grass-roots capability for Emotional Safety & Resilience.

A unique SESA Community of learning & development has evolved across 4 geographic regions, aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030.

Our environment provides the long-term capability building support countries need – underpinned by our leading-edge research:

Creating Individual Capability 

Unique development support for young people and adults 

#ResilientMe is a learning & development community which fully nurtures individual capability for emotional resilience.

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Boosting Education Provision 

Establishing education support for Child Emotional Safety & Development.

#sesaEducation nurtures the capability building which transforms settings into Centres of Excellence

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Enriching Youth Leadership 

Positioning licensed specialists to lead youth social emotional development.

#sesaYOUTH fully nurtures capability and establishes specialist leaders within the heart of communities.

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Purpose designed research into the evolution of youth emotional resilience!

We deploy cutting-edge technology and a global youth normative database, to benchmark and evaluate the global evolution of youth self-awareness & the social emotional competencies within emotional resilience. 

We provide unique global youth insights and metrics, by Age, Gender, Nationality and Location/Region. 

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We created 3 ways to plug-into the SESA Environment

PluggedIN is our dedicated relationship building and engagement operation, which provides access to our support and enviable international community.

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Public, Private & Non-profit Teams:

Establish powerful in-house specialist capability.

Private Individuals & Institutions:

Achieve tangible, long-term social impact.

Brand Marketing & Placement Teams:

Achieve unique visibility & engagement.