Social Emotional Skills Alliance (SESA)

We help countries to create emotional safety & build resilience.

A dedicated SESA learning, development and research environment embeds within countries to build specific capability, and support community social emotional development.

Connect-into a Unique Environment

Engage with us through PluggedIN, our dedicated relationship development operation.

Public, private and non-profit sectors can build their specialist capability, and provide social emotional development activities. 

Philanthropic individuals and institutions underpin how communities support child & adolescent Emotional Safety & Resilience. 

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Access our learning, development and research dedicated to Emotional Safety & Resilience.

Employees, Educators, Youth Workers, Trainers & Coaches establish specialist professional capability within a national network.

Self-learning & development within a unique environment, which guides the social emotional development of young people and adults.

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Enhance your 2030 Agenda and evidence against specific Sustainable Development Goals.

Evidence-based capability building supports the strategic objective to “End Violence Against Women and Girls”.

Emotional Capital in Young People provides a unique longitudinal Emotional Resilience research for a country.

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The SESA environment supports countries across 4 regions of the world