SESA is a signature global initiative, totally dedicated to helping countries to build and maintain community Emotional Safety & Resilience. It creates local centres of excellence and the human resources required to support community social emotional development.

Evidence-based Capability Building

We build practical capability within communities, internationally quality assured and regulated. FOUR unique qualification pathways establish: specialist young leaders and educational centres of excellence, emotionally resilient students and emotionally safe working environments with resilient teams.

A Unique Learning, Development & Research Infrastructure

The Social Emotional Development Institute (SEDi) is a unique, collaborative learning, development and research infrastructure. It underpins how SESA builds capability and supports long-term community Emotional Safety & Resilience.

SEDi is a single global environment which combines the expertise and resources of acclaimed experts from FIVE specialist domains: 

Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness, Social Emotional Learning, Trauma and Autism.

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Sponsorship for Measurable Social Impact

SESA supports recognised non-profit community groups, through a dedicated programme sponsorship operation called PluggedIN.

Sponsorship for community groups to enrol young leaders and educational teams onto SESA programmes, which ultimately builds the specialist local capability required to support child & adolescent Emotional Safety & Resilience.

♦ Investment tangibility and long-term social impact for philanthropic individuals and institutions.

♦ Powerful brand visibility for marketing teams, placing brands deep within communities.