Building New Capability

We’re establishing the grassroots capability to create emotional safety, and build emotional resilience within communities across Africa, Asia and Europe;  supporting the UN’s 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

Capability Building on Three Continents

The SESA Community is comprised of THREE dedicated learning & development communities. Across Africa, Asia & Europe we’re establishing a specific grassroots capability.

The core objective is to establish the capability which will transform emotional safety for children and young people, and will build their self-awareness and social emotional competencies needed for emotional resilience.
SESA Community members connect into our respected international expertise and ground-breaking resources, then a long-term support.
We’re enriching youth work, creating qualified specialists in ‘Youth Emotional Safety & Development’.
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We’re embedding broad education capability which transforms ‘Child Emotional Safety & Development’.
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We’re supporting self-development, building capability for ‘Personal Emotional Safety & Resilience’.
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Grounded in Research

We track the social impact of capability building within our communities.

Social Emotional Research provides the longitudinal assessment to track evolving adolescent & youth Emotional Resilience (which we call the Emotional Capital in Young People).
We provide unique demographical insights and metrics by Age, Gender, Nationality and Location.
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Sustaining Capability Building

Since 2012, we’ve been supporting educators, youth workers and parents through community alliances with non-profit and public sector teams across the world.
Over the next 10-years, our dedicated PluggedIN operation will develop sponsored capability building within each learning & development community; connecting sponsors deep into hearts and minds.