Building Capability for Personal Emotional Safety & Resilience

We’re a dedicated learning & development community spanning 3 continents, establishing a new capability within adults, young people and children.

Our community deploys the latest technology and a local outreach to guide and build practical capability, using a perfect mix of experiential, social and formal learning.
Our strategic alliances with the Public and Non-Profit sectors inside countries, connect-in families and individuals to enjoy a unique membership experience within our community.
Building individual capability for Personal Emotional Safety & Resilience.
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Establishing team capability for Child Emotional Safety & Development.
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Establishing specialists for Youth Social Emotional Development Practice.
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We measure the impact of capability building

We’re tracking the social impact of capability building within our communities

Our Social Emotional Research provides the longitudinal assessment to track evolving adolescent & youth Emotional Resilience (which we call the Emotional Capital in Young People).
We provide a unique demographical insight and metrics by Age, Gender, Nationality and Location.
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Partnerships which grow our community

We’ve perfected how to collaborate with philanthropy and business brands, and then sponsor capability building through the non-profit and public sector within Africa, Asia and Europe.

Since 2012, our work has focused upon connecting together sponsors with high-profile, large-scaled social value on 3 continents.
True collaboration to build the vital capability which transforms youth and education provision, whilst establishing a powerful adult and youth capability for Personal Emotional Safety & Resilience.
We partner with philanthropic networks, foundations and trusts, to help them achieve tangible and lasting social value; plugging them into our SESA Community.
This collaborative, sponsored approach builds the local capability needed to deliver real change.
We partner with brands to provide them with the profile and credibility, through social value sponsorship marketing which connects them into hearts & minds.
Brand placement within our THREE unique international learning & development communities.