We’re a capability building environment spanning 3 continents…

The SESA Community is a digital and locally embedded learning & development environment spanning Africa, Asia and Europe. We uniquely embed into countries through our local Alliances, collaborating to build mass capability for Personal Emotional Safety & Resilience.
THREE specific capability building communities make-up the SESA Community; a dedicated self-development community for young people and adults, and TWO professional development communities to transform Education and Youth Development provision:
We’re building & nurturing a powerful individual capability…
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We’re establishing a multi-disciplinary education provision…
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We’re establishing a multi-disciplinary youth work provision…
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It’s our dedication to Community Alliances which grows the SESA Community.

Since 2012, we’ve been forging Community Alliances with the public, third and private sectors. This enables them to build real capability and transform Emotional Safety & Resilience within cities & villages, schools, universities and social projects.

It’s our innovative approach to Sponsorship which sustains the SESA Community.

We pioneered the use of Angel Philanthropy and Sponsorship Marketing partnerships to offer SESA Community membership and capability building to the masses; linking this to tangible social impact and winning of hearts & minds.

Our Membership development campaigns make a tangible social impact.

We grow our membership through our Community Alliances within countries, creating Membership Campaigns which connect Angel Philanthropy and Brand Marketing into tangible capability building and social impact.
Each Campaign is designed specifically to support members within one of our THREE capability building communities, with social impact measured through our proprietary Social Emotional Research.